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Water Water Water


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1.flowing water from a natural of artificial channel
4.one of the multitudinous feature that taken together make up the surface of the earth. it includes all broad features, such as plain, plateau, and mountain, and also all the minor features, such as hill, valley slope, canyon, and alluvial fan
9.pollution that us diffuse in both origin and ub time and points of discharge, and depend heavily on weather conditions such as rainstorms and snowmelt. pollutants can originate from natural source areas as well as areas affected by peoples activities.
11.the pressence of substances in a body of water, soil, or air to impair the usefulness or render it offensive to the senses of sight, smell, or taste
13.The artificial application of water to soil for the purpose of increasing plant production.
16.the of the ground surface as determined by such major features as hills, mountains, or large plains
18.any standing body of inland water1
19.the amount of oxygen present in water in a dissolved state
20.the passage of water through a plant from the roots through the vascular system to the atmosphere
21.living in water
22.an undesirable substance that is present, but not intentionally added
25.hydrogen oxide. the most valuable natural resource and the most limiting factor in crop production
26.process of vapor turning into a liquid
27.the point where two streams meet
29.the pointed top of a mountain or ridge
30.a stream of water bearing the waste of the land from higher to lower land
31.any broad or narrow, crested, elongated land feature that rises above or seperates lowlands
32.an elogated, erosinal depression usually occupied by a stream that has a downward slope conforming to the direction of flow of the occupying stream, and inclides both bottomland and slopes
2.the total stream discgarge of water, including both surface and subbsurface flow
3.cloudliness of water caused by the pressence of colloidal matter or other finely divided suspended matter
5.in relation to water, changing from a liquid to a solid
6.the ability to conduct or transmit electricity
7.water on the surface, as lakes and rivers, in contrast to the underground
8.pollution that occurs from a single source
10.abbreviated TDS. it is a measure of the combined content of all inorganic or organic substances contained in a liquid in molecular or ionizedsuspended from: Use the abbreviation
11.the downward movement of water through the soil in response to the pull of gravity
12.water within the earth that supplies springs and wells
14.the changing of a liquid to a gas
15.generating electricity by conversion of the energy of running water
17.the amount of water, hailm sleet, snow, or other moisture recieved from clouds
23.in relation to water, changing from solid to liquid
24.the gaseous envelope surrounding the earth
28.clearness of appearance

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