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Mission Unit Study Guide

Tri Nguyen

Using the clues below, fill out the crossword puzzle.

1             2
4               5
  6                   7  
      8   9        
10   11                            
    13                   14
15           16          
18       19             20        
22               23              
25                 26
28             29        

1.This is the major industry of all missions.
3.Land given by a government.
4.Most Indians became _________________ since missionaries believed that this job helped the Indians.
6.A person who teaches his/her religion to people who have different beliefs.
8.Spain built missions to protect themselves from British and _______________ settlers.
10.The goal of the mission - able to maintain life without the help from outside services.
12.The sound from this instrument signal mealtime and religious services.
13.This is the first mission found by Serra during his missionary work.
15.Father ______________ found the 1st mission in California.
16.The spanish word for village - a place where people grew food for soldiers.
18.A building used by soldiers to defend an important place, such as the mission.
19.The religion of the Catholic church.
22.Home for the soldiers and became the center for trade.
23.A new baptized believer is also known as a __________________
25.Not only the Spanish brought Indians gifts, they also brought them _______________.
27.The system to produce and consume goods.
28.This place were used to raise large numbers of livestocks.
29.These were brought over from Europe to California - used in the orchards.
1.Mission priests in a Catholic group were known as _________________.
2.This trail was started in 1770 to connect the missions in California's coastline.
5.The language Indians had to learn while living in the missions.
7.The ________ farmed and cared for the animals.
9.Their jobs include: guarding missions, delivering mail, exploring land, and capturing Indians.
11.The Spanish wanted their colonies to become a _________________ population.
14.________________ cooked, sewed, gardened, and made candles and soap.
17.______________ where Indians lived, were often crowded and unsanitary.
20.Missionaries wanted to convert the Indians to ___________________ faith.
21.The Spanish ________________ were constructed to provide religious and military settlements.
24.Since an abundant amount of crops were able to be grown in California, _____________ is a valuable resource to the missions.
26.What did the priests gain when ruling the missions?

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