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Supernatural Episode 1.05

by Holliewood Hollie

Word, names & phrases from Supernatural episode 1.05 Bloody Mary

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4.What does Dean use to smash the mirror
5.Who is Donna's friend that killed by "Bloody Mary"
8.How many times do you have to say "Bloody Mary" in the mirror
9.Charlie thought she was responsible for who's suicide
10.What does "Bloody Mary" cut out
13."Mary's" last name
17.Town in Ohio where the episode takes place; Eric Kripke's hometown
18.Trevor cut Mary's eyes out with this
19.What is found on the back of the mirrors with the names
20.Lily, Donna & Steven (last name)
1.Sam dreams of _____ & candy canes
2.According to Dean's research, a giant mirror fell on a guy named ___
3.Dean: "Do I look like ___ ___?"
6.Bloody Mary killed herself by seeing her own what
7.Name of the doctor on the name plate in the morgue
11."Bloody Mary's" victims die in front of this
12.Name on the back of Jill's mirror
14.What the signs on the library computers say (3 words)
15.Who does "Bloody Mary" say that Sam killed
16.How did Dean earn the money that Sam pays the morgue tech

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