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Romeo and Juliet

Kamryn Weinkauf

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1.the girl whom Romeo is infatuated with at the beginning of the play
5.the Prince of Verona's first name
8.the capital city of France; also a kinsman to the Prince
11.died at the news of Romeo's death (2 Words)
14.has a certain rhyme scheme(ABABCD...; 14 line poem; has iambic pentamete
15.a supplier of poison
16.the city where Romeo and Juliet takes place
18.the material that took Romeo's life
19."It is the east, and Juliet is the ___"
20.he threatened to exile Juliet and not even acknowledge she existed
21.failed to deliver the message of Juliet's faked death
22.an introductory chapter or scene that is in front of Act I and Act II
24.forced to marry Paris when she is secretly already married
2.wanted the marriage of Romeo and Juliet to fix the family feud
3.the amount of scenes in Act I
4.the city that Romeo fled to after being banished by the Prince
6.involved in the beginning brawl of the play; Capulet's servant
7.a poet and author from the sixteenth century
9.good willed; peace keeper
10.she found it by Romeo and stabbed herself with it
12.Tybalt is the prince of ____
13.fast changing mood; killed in Act III
17.a type of play, in this case being the type that Romeo and Juliet is
20.a group of people that sing or read the introductory chapter
23."O _____, wherefore art thou _____?"

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