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Perceiving and Understanding

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1.Mental structures people use to organize and interpret experience.
3.A belief or opinion based on observations, feelings, assumptions, or other nonfactual phenomena.
7.The subjective process of organizing and making sense of perception.
10.A technique for reducing speaking anxiety, in which ones visualizes oneslef communicating effectively in progressively challenging speaking situations.
11.The ability to feel with another person, to feel what he or she feels in a situation.
15.The ability to perceive another as a unique and distinct individual apart from social roles and generalizations.
16.An explanation of why things happen and why people act as they do
17.An interpretation that goes beyond the facts known but is believed to logically follow from them.
18.A knowledge structure that defines the clearest of most representative example of some category.
19.Cognitive structures we use to organize and interpret experiences.
2.The number of mental constructs an individual uses, how abstract they are, and how elaborately they interact to create perceptions.
4.A theory claiming that when our expectations are violated, we become more cognitively alert as we struggle to understand and cope with unexpected behaviors.
5.A bipolar mental yardstick that allows us to measure people and situations along specific dimensions of judgement.
6.The observation and regulation of one's own communication.
8.A predominant Western value that regards each person as unique, important, and to be recognized for her or his individual qualities and behavior.
9.The active process of selecting, organizing and interpreting people, objects, events, situations, and activities
12.The assumption that we understand what another person thinks or how another person perceives something.
13.The beliefs, understandings, practices, and ways of interpreting experience that are shared by a group of people.
14.A theory that states that we organize and interpret experience by applying cognitive structures.

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