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Body Parts and movements


1     2 3 4    
5   6  
7     8        
  9       10   11  
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    14 15        
16         17    
19   20    
21     22  
23     24

1.You have ten of these
3.Part of your leg below the knee
7.The boys do this when they play soccer
8.We ___ at the desk to work
9.How a bird will move
10.We see with them
12.At the top of our body
15.Between your arm and your hand
16.It is between your foot and your leg
18.Your arms are joined to these
19.It is above your waist
21.We use it for eating
23.Itis below your mouth
25.In the evening we ___ dinner.
26.Did you ---- into the office?
2.How a fish moves
4.They are below your waist
5.A joint in your leg
6.We stand on them
9.You have eight ot these
11.We use them to hear
13.When we are thirsty we _____ water
14.What we do at night
15.Where you fasten your belt
17.There are two
20.A joint in the middle of your arim
22.Part of your leg above the knee
24.Joins your head to your body

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