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Cardiovascular System Crossword

J Card

Use the last hour of today's class to complete this crossword puzzle and test your understanding of the terminology and concepts covered. This is a take-home bonus assignment worth 1% of your final grade. Submit to my mailbox outside room 3-203 by 5pm February 24th. Write your name on this sheet.

Name: _______________________________ Score: ______

1     2         3               4   5
        11     12    
    13   14               15        
    19 20              
22                     23 24
  25                 26 27    

1.instrument used to measure electrical activity of the heart
6.artery where blood pressure is normally measured
8.supply blood to area from multiple sources in case of blockage
9.blood from the heart drains into the right atrium via the coronary ___________.
10.specialized capillaries of the liver
11.ventricular relaxation segment of ECG
13.weakened blood vessel wall that may rupture and bleed
15.2 heart chambers that receive blood
16.cause of heart sounds lubb dupp
17.simple squamous epithelium that lines blood vessels
20.atarial or ventricular relaxation
21.serous and fibrous membranes surrounding heart
22.ventricular systole segment of ECG (2 words)
25.right AV valve
26.lower tip of left ventricle
28.semilunar valve of the right ventricle
29.cell junction that prevents cardiac muscle fibers from pulling apart
30.pacemaker of the heart (abbr. 2words)
1.inner layer of heart wall
2.drains blood from heart to right atrium (2 words)
3.large artery that receives blood from left ventricle
4.division of autonomic nervous system that decreases heart rate
5.prevent the backflow of blood in veins
7.where the velocity of blood flow is the lowest
11.thickest layer in arterial wall
12.blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart
14.main endocrine hormone; increases heart rate
18.muscle layer of heart wall
19.main blood vessel that controls blood pressure
23.atrial or ventricular contraction
24.locationof vasomotor and cardiac centers in the brain
27.atrial contraction segment of ECG (2 words)

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