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NHC: Christian Education Hour

Who Is My Creator?

Answers will be centered around the topics:

1. Who am I? 2. Who Is My Creator? 3. What Is My Purpose?

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1.God wishes for us to _______ ?
5.The first thing God said was: "Let there be _____ "
8.What did Jesus Christ died for?
10.He come only, to KILL STEAL AN D DESTROY
11.God was present before this period
12.We are the _____ of God's eyes
13.The standard or God and the second name in our church's name
15.God created the whole thing in seven six days
16.What caused God to give His only begotten son?
17.God rested on this day and called it the Sabbath
19.The first man to sin
20.Another name for God
2.One of the description God gave us
3.God will never do this to us
4.Christ died so that we all can experience this
6.The Creator of the Universe
7.How much days it took God to create the entire Universe?
9.What is pastor's surname?
14.When we accept Christ into our lives, He gives us a new ________
18.God name the first woman this name

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