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Unit C: Section 2 Terms

Jenny Le

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1.the number of different species in an ecosystem
6.increased average temperatures worldwide caused by enhanced greenhouse effect
8.have a density of 5g/cm3 or more, meaning they are 5 times or more heavier than an equal volume of water
10.pollutant produced as result of industrial processes and the use of motor vehicles; forms a layer in the atmosphere protecting Earth from the Sun's ultraviolet radiation
11.concentration of acid that can dramatically lower the pH of the water in most aquatic ecosystems for a short period of time
14.produced by incomplete combustion of chemicals containing carbon
15.a measurement used to compare toxins and its lethal dose
16.increase in concentration of a chemical or element as it moves up the food chain
17.animals without backbones
18.forms when sulfur combines with oxygen in the air, creates smog and acid rain
19.a layer in the atmosphere above Earth's surface protecting it from the Sun's ultraviolet radiation
20.measurement used to describe very small concentrations of chemicals
2.caused by human activities such as fossil fuels and clearing land
3.forms when nitrogen combines with oxygen in the air as a result of fuel combustion
4.keeping track of something for a specific purpose
7.gases in Earth's atmosphere that trap the heat that forms when radiant energy from the Sun reaches Earth's surface; ex. carbon dioxide
9.essential for the survival and health of aquatic life; the higher concentration, the higher diversity
12.how poisonous a substance is
13.substances that produce serious health problems/death when introduced to an organism, aka poisons

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