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1 2
4     5
6       7          
9 10             11    
  12 13                  
16 17   18          

3.Criminal act/s done using computers or internet
4.Renowned business newspaper in India
6.It is inherent in all interactions!
9.Charge on citizens to meet government expenses
12.Prolonged recession
14.Quality of fairness
18.Consumers desire to pay for specific goods or services
19.Official proving of will
20.Strike force
1.Currency of Turkey
2.Investor's gathering of necessary information
5.(Slogan) Beyond the obvious!
7.Adjudged as insolvent
8.Heinous acts like rape, murder, burglary are called as _____ in United States
10.Determine value, quality
11.Economic factor required to accomplish a task
13.Exhibiting refined state or style
15.The country which adopted euro as its currency, recently
16.(Abbr) fair value of future cash flows from investment
17.(Slogan) The world's online market place!

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