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The Vampire Diaries


Crossword about the Vampire Diaries

2   3       4        
7               8
10     11          
    13   14      
15 16                      
17                   18 19
    20               21       22
23     24   25       26                        
27         28 29     30 31              
  32   33            
34                 35          
37           38                     39
40     41    

2.In the books, Jack/Henrik killed ...
4.Who is the Original Hybrid?
6.Kol ...
7.Who erased Stefan's memory?
11.Damon's drinking buddy is ...
12.Who does Klaus have a crush on?
14.What physical thing kills vampires?
16.Ian ...
17.What is the ship-name for Elena and Elijah?
20.What is the name of the the Original Petrova Doppelganger?
21.Bonnie is not able to do any magic anymore because she is a ...
23.Rebekah is one of the...?
26.In season 4, Elena only wanted to be a ... to feed on people.
27.... Wesley
28.How many children does Katherine have?
31.Katherine possessed ... body to survive.
33.What is Elena's hair colour in the books?
34.What is the toxic for vampires?
35.In the books, Elena and Katherine are related because they have the same ...
36.Elena did not want to be with Stefan at first because she found out that he was a ...
37.Finn's father's name is ...
38.Katherine von ...
40.How many ways are there to kill an Original?
41.What is The Vampire Diaries shortened?
1.Who did Katherine break up with while pretending to be Elena?
3.The name of the Original Witch is ...
5.Who fed Jeremy to Silas in Season 4?
8.What, according to Caroline, is Stefan's favourite colour?
9.Who plays Rebekah?
10.Damon bought Stefan a ...
13.Sheriff ... Forbes
14.What is the toxic for werevolves?
15.Where is Katherine from in the series?
18.Who plays Hayley?
19.What is Caroline's Second Name?
22.What did Qetsiyah call herself?
24.Elena ...
25.... Dobrev
29.What is the name of Katherine's daughter?
30.Bonnie ...
32.In the books, Elena was dying because Damon ... Jack/Henrik
39.Elena turned her humanity off because Jeremy ...

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