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Psych 460 - puzzle ch10

Joseph Dasenbrock

1                     2    
  4       5  
10                             11
        12     13              

1.,Participants were given this type of task. H time to respond increased with the amount.
4.,"thought that conciousness equaled sensations, imagery and feelings."
7.,___ learning means that items which conjure a mental image are much easier to integrate.
8.,seeing in the absence of a visual stimulus
10.,the shared spatial representation between bth imagery and perception was illustrated by ___ tasks.
12.,"mental images are less vivid and more fleeting than ___. However, they share some items such as spatial representations. "
14.,"rsrc who proposed that imagery is propositional, or that it can be represented with abstract labels and symbols. Argued that Kosslyns results can be expl with tacit knowledge. "
2.,"___debate. Is thought possible without imagery? Aristotle thought no, Galton noticed that people who have trouble forming mental images did not have trouble thinking "
3.,experiencing a sensory impression in the absence of a sensory inpt
5.,Decreases actv in a certain part of the brain for a short time.
6.,Rsrc experiment illustrated that it took more time for participants to navigate back to an abstract dot. This supported the spatial representation idea.
8.,the current status of ___ is that __ involves spatial representations and shares mechanisms with perception
9.,"behaviorism thought that imagery was this. Images are mythological, and not worthy of study. "
11.,Rsrc who used mental scanning tasks to show that mental imagery is spatial
13.,___ specific neurons respond t bth percvd imagining an objt.

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