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Chapter 12 and Red Book 5 Vocabulary

Dr. Reimer/Mrs. Bordelon

Score ____points out of _____ = A B C D F

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4   5    
6                                   7         8              
9                           10                            
      14                           15
17                               18    
19 20      
21                                     22                    
  23                                     24  
  25   26                                
  27   28        
      31                                     32

6.section of a country where a foreign nation enjoys special rights and powers (3 Words)
7.Author of The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783 (3 Words)
9.one time US secretary of State who pushed for unity among the Americas (3 Words)
10.Policy that allowed each foreign nation in China to trade freely in other nations Sphere of Influence (3 Words)
11.Publisher of The New York Journal, inventor of Yellow Journalism (3 Words)
12.Philippino revolutionary leader, had led an unsuccessful revolt against the Spanish in 1896 (2 Words)
13.A country that is technically independent but is actually under the control of another country
14.short military action in China stated by “Boxer,” native Chinese who disliked foreign influence (2 Words)
16.Legislation that made Cuba a de facto protectorate of the US (2 Words)
17.Legislation that stated that the US would eventually give Cuba back to the People of Cuba (2 Words)
21.Policy of Theodore Roosevelt when he was in Office. “Speak softly, but carry a big stick (3 Words)
22.The Actions used by one Nation to exercise political or economic control over a smaller or weaker nation
23.The idea that the US should not recognize hostile governments in Latin America (2 Words)
26.Idea that US and Latin American should work to benefit each other
29.Sensationalized or exaggerated stories in newspapers to attract readers (2 Words)
31.One Time Governor of New York State, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Leader of the “Rough Riders,” and later, president of the US (2 Words)
33.A Brigade of voluntary Cavalry amassed for service during the Spanish American War (2 Words)
34.How the Spanish American War was referred to by the American people (4 Words)
35.Fleet of 16 new White Battleships sent on a worldwide tour to demonstrate US naval capability by President T. Roosevelt (3 Words)
36.Colonel, later Brigadier General and Commander of the “Rough Riders” (2 Words)
37.US Naval Commodore who opened up US diplomatic and trade relations with Japan (3 Words)
1.Last monarch of Hawaii (2 Words)
2.Gave the US to build and operate a cross land canal in the Isthmus of Panama (2 Words)
3.Cross country waterway that made a direct link between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean (2 Words)
4.The Acquisition of Alaska by William Seward, Secretary of State in 1867 (2 Words)
5.US Senator from Massachusetts who pressed for the construction of a New Navy (3 Words)
8.Policy of joining business interests of a country with its diplomatic interests abroad (2 Words)
15.archipelago in the South Pacific that was once a colony of Spain (2 Words)
18.Poem by Rudyard Kipling, used as a reference to the United States and the Philippines (4 Words)
19.Attitude of aggressive nationalism
20.An addition to eh Monroe Doctrine that stated that the US would intervene in Latin American Affairs when necessary to maintain stability tin the Western Hemisphere. (2 Words)
24.Publisher of the New York Journal, rival and competitor of William Randolph Hearst (2 Words)
25.Document that ended the Spanish American War (3 Words)
27.the feeling that English speaking individuals have superior character, ideas and systems of government, and were destined to dominate the planet.
28.Naval Battleship blown up in Havana Harbor in 1898 (2 Words)
30.US Naval Commodore who Commanded the Pacific Fleet during its taking of Manila in the Spanish American War (2 Words)
32.Cuban Poet and leader of resistance to Spanish rule in Cuba. (2 Words)

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