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Level 15

Jeff Upward

Review of chapters 8, 10 and 11 Hemispheres 3

1 2
3       4  
  5 6            
  8     9  
  11 12                      
13               14 15    

3.How small is the McMurdo reseach station?
6.To show something that was hidden
7.A meeting you go to when you apply for a job
8.The name of the secret agent
10.Religious texts
12.An expression for when you're having fun
13.The jobs at McMurdo maybe less .......................
18.A spark of imagination (verb past tense)
1.The name of the body discovered in ice
2.Mary Shelly dreamed of this
4.Paul McCartney's song
5.Describing someone's characteristics
9.A job you do forever
10.A physical characteristic
11.What's the name of the U.S research station in Antarctica?
13.The evil father of the female secret agent
14.The word for when people are feeling sad about the death of someone
15.A document that shows your qualifications
16.The name of the Japanese filmmaker that had a dream
17.Strong evidence indicates that a ............ was the cause of death for the 5,300 year old

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