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Microbiology Crossword (MINI PROJECT)

Madison Howell

1                     2 3
4     5 6
  7 8                        
12 13            
  21                   22      
            24                     25
  26                             27          

1.allows for buoyancy in aquatic cells
8.attachment of flagellum to bacteria involves two anchors (rings) in this type of cell.
9.bacterial shape, is sheets or grape-like clusters
11.one of two subunits that makes up cell wall; contains tail made of 4 amino acids
14.the period when the first signs and symptoms appear and person feels ill but illness has not reached the acute phase
15.primary stain used in gram stain procedure
16.Introduced process of pasteurization, showed microbes did not arise by spontaneous generation
19.Decolorizing agent used in gram stain procedure
21.the science of the incidence, distribution and spread of disease in a community.
24.cell with one flagellum
26.Organism Bordetella pertussis causes disease called _______
27.after differential stain, gram positive cells will be ____ in color
28.A microbial parasite that does harm to the host
2.type of microscopy where specimen is fixed and coated in metal; image looks 3D.
3._____ ______ cells contain amino acid tail connected by bridge of 5 amino acids
4.Organism Rickettsia prowazekki causes disease called_____
5.cell structure found in prokaryotic cells, made of hydrophobic tails and hydrophilic heads
6.flagella located all over a cell
7.Came up with the process of canning
10.an infection acquired in a hospital or other medical facility
12.introduced modern method of vaccination after experimenting with smallpox
13.flagella found on one end or both ends of a cell in a cluster (tuft)
17.Organism Treponema pallidum causes disease called ______
18.A disturbance in the host which impairs normal host function
20.the ability to distinguish two points as distinct; also important to determine effectiveness of microscope.
22.Starch-like material found in mammalian liver; source of energy and carbon
23.Specific spiral shape bacteria cell typical of Vibrio cholerae; comma shaped
25.counterstain used in gram stain procedure

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