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Civil Rights Movement

R. Schroeder

1 2                 3 4
8                                 9      

1.key figure in Montgomery bus boycott
6.advocated nonviolent civil disobedience
8.first African American on Supreme Court; argued Brown case for NAACP which overturned Plessy v Ferguson and marked end of segregation in public schools
10.laws aimed at ending dicrimination
11.Governor of Alabama who resisted integration
12.1965 Executive Order signed by President Johnson requiring employers with federal contracts to raise the number of minority employees
2.Governor of Arkansas who resisted integration
3.ended segregation in public schools
4.Christian preacher who supported the Civil Rights Movement and was anti-communist
5.struggle to end discrimination and segregation and gain equal rights for all people
7.allowed separate but equal facilities which included schools
9.Governor of Georgia who resisted integration

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