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2.Theseus is freed from this by Hercules (3 Words)
5.A coat of a wondrous ram, used so that crops would grow again (2 Words)
6.Patroclus' killer
9.Perseus Grandfather, Danae;s father, the oracle of Delphi tells him his grandson will kill him (2 Words)
10.The daughter sacrificed by Agamemnon to weather the winds
14.Of the three Goddesses whom did Paris chose to be the fairest?
15.Number of years the Trojan war lasted
16.To which king did Bellorophon go to be purified? (2 Words)
19.Bellorophon find this when he wakes up from his dream about Athena (2 Words)
20.Which man feigned madness to avoid joining the trojan war?
24.Mortal Gorgon whose looks turns men into stone
25.Heroes who sailed with Jason and the Argo to obtain the Golden Fleece
27.Zeus punished him to roll a stone uphill eternally
28.Fisherman who adopts Perseus when they are set into the ocean in a chest
33.He fed human flesh to his horses and in turn get the wrath of the Gods by making him the victim of his carnivorous horses
34.Who was not invited to Thetys wedding
35.The wife of Minos whom the Gods made to fall in love with a bull.
36.The ferryman of the underworld
37.Daedalus son who flies too close to the sun and falls unto the sea
1.The most beautiful mortal that aphrodite offered Paris to wed
3.beautiful princess sent to be fed to an ominous serpent
4.From what was Pegasus formed (3 Words)
7.the King of Colchis, owner of the fleece (2 Words)
8.The king who ordered Daedaluz to make the magnificent maze (2 Words)
11.What monster live inside the maze
12.What monster did the King of Lycia tell Bellorophon to kill
13.The maker of Achilles' armor
17.Son of Zeus and Danae and he killed Medusa with the help of Hermes and Athena
18.Theseus friend who wants to steal Persephone from Hades
20.To which stall did Pegasus go after he abandoned Bellorophon?
21.Achilles' prize of honor whom he had to give up in the end.
22.The name of the maze daedalus created
23.Phaeton's father
26.What did Daedalus made to escape the maze?
29.Son of the sun god, he crashes his father's chariot and dies
30.Which trojan fighter was equivalent to Achilles?
31.He is the greatest hero of Athens who killed the Minotaur, goes to the underworld and is rescued by Hercules
32.What did Hera offer to Paris?

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