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Static Electricity

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1.When a negative rod charges an electroscope by contact the ___________ _________ seperate (2 Words)
3.________have a positive electric charge
5.__________ have a negative electric charge
7.When a neutral electroscope is charged by contact with a negative rod, the electroscope becomes _________
11.A ____________ is an example of electrical discharge
12.All materials are charged by the ____________ of electrons
13.A series of selected materials in order of thier electron affinity is called a _______________ series
14.human haor has a _____________ hold on electrons than plastic
15.An ___________ is an object that allows the movement of electrons
18.You can charge a _________ object by contact when you touch it with a charged object
19.___________ have no electric charge
21.one __________ equals 6.24x10e8 electrons added or removed from a neutral object
22.The law of ___________ states that particles with opposite charges attract each other
23.When a neutral object and a positive object are placed close together, the objects ___________ each other
24.___________ is the movement of electrons within a neutral object, caused by a nearby charged object, without direct contact of the two objects
25.When teflon is rubbed with silk, the silk becomes _________ charged
26.although they contain electrically charged particles, atoms are _________
2.An ________________ is an instrument that can detect static charge
4.When an object is grounded it becomes _______________
6.A _________ _______ is placed on top of buildings to provide a safe path for electrons to flows during a thunderstorm (2 Words)
8.ebonite has a greater ______________ _____________ than glass (2 Words)
9.When two objects with different charges are placed close together, the objects ___________ each other
10.When two objects with the same charge are placed close together, the objects ___________ each other
16.When a neutral electroscope is charged by induction with a negative rod, the electroscope becomes ____________
17.An ___________ is an object that resists or blocks the movement of electrons
20.one common cause of electron transfer is _______________, which occurs when objects rub against eachother

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