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Harry Potter

HP Trivia Very difficult!

1 2
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5       6 7        
9               10          
    11       12 13  
14       15           16
17 18   19              
20             21   22    
25         26       27 28 29                 30  
32         33                              
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37                       38                  
  41 42              
    43                           44      
      45   46                  
  47         48                  
51                 52                
    53       54        
55               56                    
  57             58          

3.In 1996, Ginny claimed that the best kiss Ron had ever gotten was from their Great Auntie ________.
5.Hermione's favourite acronym
6.Harry thought this Slytherin's dress robes made him look a bit like a vicar
9."Just because you've got the emotional range of a ________, Ron, doesn't mean we all have."
10.The shape of Harry's 17th birthday cake
11.Dobby's favourite clothes
15.Remus Lupin's WWN pseudonym
18.______'s Laws of Elemental Transfiguration
20.Trelawney's preferred colour of teacup
23.Quidditch move introduced to the Gryffindor team by Angelina Johnson in 1995 (3 Words)
24.Hermione was very bad at making these
25.Ron hates these sandwiches (2 Words)
29.Incantation for the Blasting Curse
33.What was the answer to Molly Weasley's security question? (Asked by Arthur)
36.According to Harry, the main difference between inferi and ghosts is that inferi are _________.
37.One of Dumbledore's favourites (2 Words)
38.Harry's disciplinary hearing was scheduled for the ___ of August, 1995
40.McGonagall's Yule Ball hair accessory (3 Words)
43.Incantation for the Locking Spell
46.Fleur's mum's name
47.Cho's friend, the sneak
49.Sirius's pride and joy
51.Dumbledore hoped for a toffee-flavoured bean but got this instead.
52.Bellatrix and Andromeda's sister
53.Creature levitated into Umbridge's window
55.Hermione's middle name
56.According to Luna, an invisible bug that makes your brain all fuzzy
57.Substance that destroyed the Room of Requirement
59.Harry once compared this odd teacher to a bejeweled insect
60.Florean Fortescue gave Harry free ice creams every _________. (2 Words)
1.This creature was more than happy to inhabit Ron's bedroom in 1997
2.Accused of poisoning her mistress's cocoa
4.Colour of Harry's 1994 Weasley jumper
7.The name of Ginny's Pygmy Puff
8."I didn't learn joined-up writing for nothing, you know!" said ________
12.Snape's home (2 Words)
13.Dumbledore's chosen entree at the Yule Ball
14.In 1981, the weather forecasters discussed an abnormal number of shooting stars over ______
16."flesh of the _______, willingly given"
17.Ron has always been better than Harry at this (2 Words)
19.The words Ron will never wear. (2 Words)
21.Katie Bell was given one by mistake in a disastrous quidditch practice (2 Words)
22.Buckbeak's Executioner
26.Alice Longbottom handed her son a wrapper from what candy? (first word in name only)
27.Turn to page three-hundred and ninety _____
28.His rabbit was hung from the rafters in Wool's Orphanage (2 Words)
30.Dumbledore's predecessor (2 Words)
31.The one password Neville knew he'd never forget (2 Words)
32.He kept kissing his girlfriend at Madam Puddifoot's, making Harry very uncomfortable (2 Words)
34.Mrs. Pettigrew was sent her son's finger in a box and an Order of Merlin, _______- _______ (2 Words)
35.Cornelius Fudge transfigured the Prime Minister's teacup into one of these.
39.A food mentioned in Fleur's first line
41.Ambrosious _____, founder of Honeyduke's
42.Hermione's favourite class
44.When 13 dine together, the first to _______ will be the first to die.
45.The onion-like vegetable extracted from Luna's robes
48.Hagrid sent this with Norbert to keep him company (2 Words)
50.Colour of the staff robes in Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes
54.Lockhart's favourite colour.
58.The colour of Augusta Longbottom's handbag

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