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Level 1

Jeff Upward

Review of American Headway Chapters 1 to 4

1 2   3
4           5   6
      10 11
  12           13        
  14 15    
    16 17          
  19                   20 21
22       23        
27     28       29          
30         31        

2.Many people travel on this to go to work
4.Peter and his family are from this town in the U.S
7.Elena's mother's name
9.Elena's father's name
12.She isn't a nurse, she's a ......................
13.In the band, Metro 5 who is married?
17.You live in this
18.American fast food with bread, beef, cheese and salad
19.You watch shows and films on this
23.Her husband is Jim and she has two children
25.You take photographs with this
26.Simon is from this country
27.He isn't a student, he's a .......................
29.Juliana is from this country
30.He is a taxi driver from Mexico City
31.You talk to people on this
32.Yuka is from this country
1.Danny and Paul have a little brother
3.She is a sales assistant from New York
5.The city Erica Jones is from
6.You drive this
7.Hector is from this country
8.You make this with bread, meat, cheese and vegetables
10.Mi-young is from this country
11.He and his brother, Danny are in a band called Metro 5
14.A machine that helps you to surf the net and send emails
15.Kevin is from this country
16.Hayley is from this country
20.Kim is from this country
21.His mother is called Annie and he has a sister
22.Erica Jones' job
24.You carry things in this
28.Yong is from this country

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