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Vampire Diaries

Sophia Marchiafava

2   3
      4 5
9 10      

6.The original vampires
7.A race of mortal beings with superhuman abilities used to hunt and kill vampires
8.The line of werewolves who live in Mystic Falls
12.The family name of the Original Vampires
13.A race of mortal beings born with magic, able to travel into another persons body, and most of them kill vampires
1.A blood sucking non-ageing creature created from magic with superhuman abilities
2.A mortal being thats blood line of magic goes down to each generation
3.The mysterious place were it all happens
4.A immortal creature who turns into a powerful wolf on full moons with superhuman abilities
5.The line of travelers, one in paticular is a vampire amd lived in Mystic Falls
9.A mix of vampire and werewolf blood in them
10.The two brothers family name who have been vampires a long time, and live in Mystic Falls
11.The family name of the line of human writers and family who knew about the vampires and runed a city council to kill them, and live in Mystic Falls

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