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Number 7 All Mixed Up :-)

Alan S.

2 3
  5       6    
7     8 9    
  10 11       12  
13                 14
  15         16            
17     18     19            
20           21
    22   23      
25             26    
27         28    
30         31            
33 34   35
37   38   39        
  40       41   42        
43           44              
45 46                  

1.Pots & ----
5.Women wear this to smell nice
7.“It’s raining cats & ----“
11.“3-1/2 ---“
13.Device used to listen to news or music
15.Chocolate bar, for example
16.Writing instrument usually made from wood
17.Sandwich made on a long roll
19.Decorative window covering
20.Machine used to warm a house in winter
22.Woman use this paint on their nails
24.Worn to help see more clearly
25.Used to dry your hands or dishes
26.April Showers brings --- Flowers
27.Stuffed animal (“Teddy ----“)
30.“Let it ----“ (a song)
31.A romantic type of flower
32.“Ground” Squirrel
36.“Will you be my ---------?” (Feb. holiday)
37.Charlie Brown got this for Halloween
40.People mail these to you for something like a birthday
42.Baby rabbit
43.Ya gotta pay these to the I.R.S.
44.Fuel used by a car or lawnmower
46.Another name for a picture
47.Place to gamble
2.“Surf & ----“ (food variety)
3.“Twilight ----“ (old TV show)
4.Place to see many different animals
5.“Jigsaw ------“
6.Another name for a Parasol
8.You put this on an envelope before mailing
9.Peanut butter & -----
10.Bacon, lettuce & ------
12.Type of store where you buy food
14.Two piece bathing suit
18.“------ Shepherd” (a breed of dog)
21.Place to put frozen food
23.“The Outer ------“ (old TV show)
24.Windows are made from this material
25.Another name for a “Choo Choo”
27.Something you borrow from a library
28.Used to cover walls instead of paint (2 words) (2 Words)
33.Type of fuel used in fireplaces
34.Heavy type of paper which boxes are made from
35.A place where horses live
38.You wear this outside to keep warm
39.Used to write on
41.Used to clean hair
45.Cherry or Pizza ---

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