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DNA Article

Words coming from a reading on DNA

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2.The base that pairs with cytosine.
4.Location of DNA found in eukaryotes.
6.Proteins involved in the packaging of DNA or in the repairing of DNA brought on by mutations.
9.We have 46 in each cell of our bodies. (not including the egg or sperm.)
11.Sequence of amino acids.
12.Codes for the information that DNA carries.
13.A sugar, base and phosphate.
17.What DNA is often compared to.
18.A property of DNA that makes it unique.
19.Location of DNA found in bacteria.
20.A copy of a stretch of DNA used to make a protein.
1.The nucleic acid that contains the genetic information for the development and function of living things.
3.The base that pairs with thymine.
5.RNA copies can make parts of these.
7.The main role of DNA is the long term storage of what?
8.A zoologist from Indiana who in the 1950s helped to uncover the structure of DNA.
10.One purpose of DNA is to carry information but some DNA sequences have another purpose.
14.The shape of DNA.
15.A physicist from England who in the 1950s helped to uncover the structure of DNA.
16.Segements of DNA that carry genetic information.

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