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R. Schroeder

1                   2   3 4 5
7             8            

1.Republican speaker of the House; argued that federal government too large
7.Strategic Defense Initiative; an anti-ballistic defense system to shoot down missiles and prevent nuclear attacks
9.created trade association with Mexico and Canada phasing out tariffs.
12.Newt Gingrich's proposal to restore a balance between the government and its citizens
13.accelerated globalization; a general agreement on tariffs and trade to reduce tariffs
14.National Rifle Association
15.critic of Women's Liberation Movement; aginst an Equal Rights Amendment
2.Reagan's secret foreign policy operation; US sold arms to Iran in an effort to gain release of American hostages in Lebanon; profits from arms sales supported Contra rebels in Nicaragua
3.think tank based in Washington, DC; promotes conservative policies: free enterprise, limited government, strong defense; a non-profit lobbying group
4.prepare for peace by building up arms and increasing military spending
5.first woman Justice on US Supreme Court; a conservative
6.supply-side economics that reduced taxes and business regulations to produce more goods and lower prices to stop inflation and create employment
8.US would no longer simply contain communism but would prevent its spread and aid Communist freedom fighters
10.fundamentalist Christians; strict interpretation of Bible; Jerry Falwell
11.president known for trickle down economics

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