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Chapter 6 Civics

Dr. Reimer

This goes with Chapter six--Duh!

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22                         23  

1.court order that requires police to produce a prisoner and proof a crime has been committed
5.Powers that are specifically given to congress by the constitution
6.resolution passed by both houses of congress
7.added to a bill that has nothing to do with the original bill
8.name given to the “Necessary and Proper clause
9.piece of legislature that causes a person to be punished without trial
11.years of service, which is used when considering committee assignments
13.President’s rejection of a bill, that has been passed by both houses
14.person from a legislator’s district
15.Terms that indicates a legislature made up of two parts
19.political party with the smaller % of members in a legislative house
22.a vote in the senate to stop a filibuster
24.federally funded project that benefits a congressman’s home district
25.Count of the population that is done every ten years
27.Presidential Veto done by simply doing nothing
28.Vote on a bill that is done by simply calling “Yea” or “No”
2.powers congress has acquired by use of the “Necessary and Proper Clause
3.organization of people with a common goal that try to influence congress
4.A Senator who talks non-stop in an attempt to kill a bill
10.Congressman’s ability to use their signature as a stamp to mail official materials
12.permanent committees that continue fro session to session in Congress
16.making an act illegal after the fact
17.Call done by calling all the people in order from a roll
18.political party with at least 51% of the seats in a legislative house
20.person paid to represent special interest groups to congressmen
21.to formally bring charges of malfeasance against a government official
23.oddly shaped congressional district designed to insure a candidates election
26.work that is done by congressmen for their constituents

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