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Supernatural Episode 1.06

by Holliewood Hollie

Words, Names & Phrases from Supernatural Episode 1.06 - Skin

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2.What city do Rebecca and Zack live in
4.Dean: "How many chances am I gonna have to see my own _______?"
5.Zack has been charged with what
7.Where do Sam and Dean find the creature's lair
8.According Sam, Dean is "kind of _____"
11.term commonly used to refer to a person's "look-a-like"
12.What Dean yanks from around the shapeshifter’s neck
14.According the the Shapeshifter, Dean has got a lot of good ______
15.What was Sam reading on his PalmPilot
16.Band that sings the song In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
17.Who did Dean find covered with a white sheet in the sewer
1.Rebecca & Zack's parents live where for half the year
2.Can take on another person's physical appearance and access the thoughts of any living person they mimic.
3.What "Dean" hit Sam with
6.Rebecca & Zack (last name)
7.What will kill the shapeshifter
9.Sam tells his friends he is on a road trip with his ___ ______
10.What city in Arizona did Dean say they would make by midnight
11.Sam tells Rebecca that Dean is a cop, Dean says he is actually a _____.
13.Zack's girlfriend's name

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