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EEn.1.1 WHS


EEn.1.1 WHS

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1.volcano composed of alternating layers of lava and ash.
5.steep, conical hill consisting of glassy volcanic fragments that accumulate around and downwind from a volcanic vent. (2 Words)
7.a hollow, bowl-shaped hole.
8.plateau is high, flat ground or a situation were something has stalled that was progressing forward previously. (2 Words)
9.is a linear feature that exists between two tectonic plates that are moving away from each other. (2 Words)
11.melted hot, molten rock.
13.supercontinent that included all current land masses, believed to have been in existence before the continents broke apart during the Triassic and Jurassic Periods.
14.last name of the man who taught us about the theory of the continental drift
2.destructive plate boundary (because of subduction), is an actively deforming region where two (or more) tectonic plates or fragments of lithosphere move toward one another and collide. (2 Words)
3.person or thing that protects, blocks, guards or defends.
4.continents slowly shift their positions as a result of currents in the molten rocks of the earth's mantle, plate tectonics, etc. (2 Words)
6.an opening in the Earth, or a disagreement or split on an issue.
7.roughly circular crater left after a volcanic explosion or the collapse of a volcanic cone.
10.olcanic materials, as dust, ashes, or pumice, ejected during an eruption and carried through the air before deposition
12.molten rock material under the Earth's crust or a suspension of particles in a liquid.

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