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The Sixties Vocabulary

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1.Mexican-American woman who was instrumental in helping Cesar Chavez to form the National Farm Workers Association. (2 Words)
6.United States labor leader who organized farm workers (born 1927) (2 Words)
7.African American movement that focused on gaining control of economic and political power to achieve equal rights by force in necessary. (Malcolm X) (3 Words)
8.the 1962 confrontation bewteen US and the Soviet Union over Soviet missiles in Cuba (3 Words)
10.Green Beret Special Forces soldier who sustained 36 wounds in battle against North Vietnameze troops in Cambodia,known as war hero (2 Words)
13.It is of historical significance because it gave U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson authorization, without a formal declaration of war by Congress, for the use of military force in Southeast Asia. (4 Words)
15.seperation of Mexican American children in Texas is unconstitutional (4 Words)
17.The struggle of women for equality in the 2nd half of the 20th century (primarily the 1960's and 1970's). A key goal was equality in the work place. (2 Words)
19.in 1961, an attempt by Cuban exiles in southern Cuba to overthrow the Cuban socialist government of Fidel Castro; the effort was funded by the U.S. and was famously disastrous (4 Words)
23.student protest that started as the Free Speech movement in California and spread around the world, with common denominator of opposition to war in Vietnam and condemning US presence there. (2 Words)
24.The generation of writers who rebelled against American Culture for its conformity, blind faith in technology, and materialism. (2 Words)
26.An American senator for Arizona who ran against Johnson for president. His extreme conservatism scared many into voting for Johnson. (2 Words)
28.Became president when John F. Kennedy was assassinated; signed the civil rights act of 1964 into law and the voting rights act of 1965. he had a war on poverty in his agenda (3 Words)
29.A black political organization that was against peaceful protest and for violence if needed. The organization marked a shift in policy of the black movement, favoring militant ideals rather than peaceful protest. (2 Words)
30.a prolonged war (1954-1975) between the communist armies of North Vietnam who were supported by the Chinese and the non-communist armies of South Vietnam who were supported by the United States (2 Words)
31.battle where North Vietnam captured capital of South Vietnam and named it Ho Chi Mihn City (3 Words)
32.president during part of the cold war and especially during the superpower rivalry and the cuban missile crisis; he brought a new youthful vigor in the White House. (3 Words)
33.the term for the domestic programs of the Johnson administration (2 Words)
2.led by Dennis Banks and Russell Means; purpose was to obtain equal rights for Native Americans; protested at the site of the Wounded Knee massacre (3 Words)
3.ended segregation in schools in califorina - happened before desegregation of U.S. (3 Words)
4.mandated that there be no multi-member electoral districts in Texas (3 Words)
5.organized fight against discrimination faced by Latinos in education, employment and the legal system (2 Words)
9.a massive surprise attack by the Vietcong on South Vietnamese towns and cities in early 1968. (2 Words)
11.a public distrust of statements made by the government (2 Words)
12.American Feminist, writer of The Feminine Mystique, cofounded NOW (2 Words)
14.public schools discriminated unfairly against poor students and denied equal opportunity in an "increasingly complex and technological society" (4 Words)
16.founded the American GI Forum to help minority veterans obtain the same benefits other veterans recieved (2 Words)
18.This ended the exclusion of Mexican Americans from trial juries. (3 Words)
20.made the first orbital rocket-powered flight by a United States astronaut in 1962 (2 Words)
21.A phrase used to describe people, whatever their economic status, who uphold traditional values, especially against the counterculture of the 1960s (2 Words)
22.President Richard Nixons strategy for ending U.S involvement in the vietnam war, involving a gradual withdrawl of American troops and replacement of them with South Vietnamese forces
25.the political theory that if one nation comes under Communist control then neighboring nations will also come under Communist control (2 Words)
27.No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance (2 Words)

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