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Circulatory System 2014

Mrs. Smuczynski

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3.Disease caused by thread-like worms that enter the lymphatic vessels, blocking them; transmitted to humans through the bite of an infected fly
4.Name for the infection that causes the tonsils to swell
8.Small, bean-shaped organs that remove dead cells & pathogens from lymph; when swollen they indicate an infection
11.The lymphatic system is this type of system because fluids are able to move in and out of the lymph & blood vessels
15.Organ in the chest where some white blood cells, made in the bone marrow, FINISH developing before being sent to other areas of the body
16.Cancer of the lymph nodes
17.Any disorder causing swelling of the body tissues caused by a blockage or injury to lymph vessels (ex. worm)
18.Group of organs and tissues that collect the fluid that leaks from blood & returns it to the blood
20.White blood cells are stored and mature here; this organ marks germs in the blood as blood flows through it; largest lymphatic organ
1.The cardiovascular system is this type of system because blood remains in vessels that form a closed loop
2.System that includes both the cardiovascular system and the lymphatic system
5.Name for the fluid leaked from blood vessels that collects inbetween cells, surrounding them
6.Type of blood cell that attacks invading germs
7.Lymph nodes are found concentrated in these body regions
9.Too much force on the inside walls of a person's arteries results in this problem
10.Small lymphatic organs found in the back of the throat that trap germs & help the body defend itself against infections
12.Bacterial infection of the lymphatic system where bacteria from the bite of an infected fly grows inside lymph nodes causing swelling
14.Diffusion of fluids in and out the blood vessels can only happen across these tiny and thin blood vessels
19.Soft tissue inside of bones where blood cells are produced

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