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SAT Week 3 & 4

Coral Bonts

1 2
3           4         5        
  6               7
8           9                
  11 12        
  13   14                      
      16                   17  
18       19                    
      21   22 23          
  24         25                
  26       27              
        29   30            
  31           32         33
  35 36                    
        37           38

3.to lead by influence
4.unconcerned ; indifferent
6.causing or tending to cause sleep
8.a constructive fire
14.a chant
16.causing laughter because of absurdity
19.capable of being shaped or extended
20.irrelevant; unnecessary
23.to prove wrong
24.incapable of being overcome or solved
27.apart or detached from others
29.lenient; yielding to desire
31.ancient; outdated
34.making or having a harsh sound
35.hard to understand; over one's head
37.greed; excessive desire for riches
39.one that preys or destroys
40.sluggishness; laziness
1.to explain; worry about
2.standing out; obvious
5.cut off; deprive
7.to fuse or unite
9.to make or use gestures
10.just about to happen
11.hardworking, busy
12.to praise; extol
13.characterized by assumption
15.easily deceived or cheated
17.to waste
18.stingy, relating to great poverty
21.to fake; forge
22.repeat something for emphasis
25.unconventional; a little kooky
26.to soothe; to relieve
30.showing prudence and circumspection
32.friendly; agreeable
33.a state of society without government or law
36.to celebrate

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