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Audio Terms Part 2

Jay Henry

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2.A multi-channel recording procedure whereby several recorded tracks are played back in "sync" mode combined (mixed) and re-recorded onto any open track. This is usually done to make additional tracks available, and may be repeated.
6.The rapidity of change in current or voltage in an electrical signal or of air pressure in an acoustical signal. _____ is measured in cycles per second. 1 (cps) is 1 Hertz (Hz).
7.A device which provides a visual display of the signal amplitude. This can be a meter, a series of light emitting diodes (LED's), etc. _____ _____ may respond to the peak, average or RMS value of the signal. A VU meter is a _____ _____ with a carefully specified average response.
9.A passive resistor network which reduces the power level of a signal. In some cases a _____ is utilized to match unequal input and output impedences for proper interface.
10.When two related signals (or a single signal which has been split) are offset in time acoustically or electronically, they may be said to be _____ _____ _____ (larger offsets that enable two signals to be audibly differentiated from each other are considered to be time delays). Depending on the actual phase difference the _____ _____ _____ signals may cancel or reinforce one another if combined.
14.The frequency at which the greatest amount of boost or attenuation (cut) occurs in a peak/dip type equalizer or a notch filter.
16.The process of joining any two pieces of equipment or systems, or a device which facilitates that joining.
20.A process whereby the dynamic range of program material is reduced. This is accomplished by making louder parts of the program quieter and or quiet parts louder.
21.An Audio circuit with two wires; one wire carries the signal, high (+) and the second carries the low (-) and is also connected to chassis or system ground. Since the signal leads are not of equal potential difference from the ground, they are considered to be "_____" with respect to ground.
24.In a musical note, the initial fading of sound after the attack.
25.The moment-to-moment changes in overall signal level of a program. A composite waveform that includes all frequencies and signal components.
26.Any output which delivers a signal at the nominal line level.
29.Refers to the actual pressure changes in the air that comprise audible sound waves, as opposed to voltage changes that comprise an electrical audio path.
31.The signal level in dBV, dBv, dBm or voltage that would approximate the nominal level of a microphone. Somewhere around 0.001 to 0.003 volts (-60dBv to -50 dBv).
32.A microphone sensitivity pattern having the same property in both directions. a.k.a. "figure 8".
33.The beginning of a sound or the initial transient of a musical note.
34.This is the level (or point) at which a compressor, limiter ,expander or gate begins to act on the signal. This point is usually user adjustable.
37.Refers to the signal point preceding the equalizer in a mixer or console. A circuit that is fed _____ _____ will not be subject to any adjustments of that equalizer.
1.The surface or board on which one or more loudspeakers are mounted.
3.A measure of how quiet a microphone preamplifier is.
4.The final output of any multi-channel audio device. In a mixing console; individual inputs can be routed to different _____ _____ via the output busses. In a multi-channel tape recorder, each track of the tape feeds its own tape-recorded _____ _____.
5.The opposition to flow of AC or DC electric current, measured in ohms.
8.Refers to a standing wave or the frequency at which one occurs in any given acoustic environment.
9.A procedure in multitrack recording that is essentially an overdub, but instead of recording the new part on an adjacent track to already recorded material, the new part is recorded by erasing a previous part of a given track. The _____ _____ is initiated while the tape is playing by entering record mode at some precise instant, i.e., a _____ _____ at bar XX or after a given word. (Punch out refers to either stopping the recording or switching from record back to play mode for the track or tracks involved.)
11.A numerical representation of the actual analog frequency and level of an audio signal. "_____" also may refer to a control circuit that changes the level or assignment of a signal in discrete mathematical steps rather than continuously variable amounts.
12.A program to which reverb or echo has been added.
13.A mixing process where the signal level from two or more inputs can be adjusted simultaneously using a single control. A typical application would be the ______ of several microphones inputs for a drum kit.
15.A mixing console output that sends a signal to the input of a reverberation chamber or device.
17.A process of routing or re-routing audio or video signals using _____ cords. Also in electronic music synthesizers; the combination of connections and control settings that produces a particular sound.
18.A 2-gang fader which simultaneously controls the overall level of the left and right outputs (i.e. ; the stereo bus output).
19.An expression that refers to a lack of definition or clarity in a recording, playback system or sound reinforcement system.
22.A device which increases the level of a signal by increasing the voltage or current. Some are used to control signals and may actually decrease the level.
23.Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Also refers to a common standard for measurement of intermodulation distortion (IM), and for a standard reference code for identification of frames of film or videotape; _____ timecode is also used for synchronization of two or more audio tape recorders.
27.An expression that usually describes a large amount of high frequency energy in a recording or playback system, or a sound reinforcement system.
28.Electrical potential or Electro Motive Force (EMF). The unit of measurement is the volt.
30.The interval between two frequencies having a ratio of 2 :1. That is, twice a given frequency or half a given frequency is one _____ away from that frequency.
35.A low frequency tone usually a multiple of the 50 Hz or 60 Hz power mains frequency.
36.Is an electrical measurement of voltage. 0 _____ is equal to 1 volt (+10 _____ = 20 volts).

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