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Ms Muñoz

1                             2
3 4 5  
9           10 11 12            
14           15                    
17                 18    
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27             28          
29       30                          

1.these plants keep their leaves all year round
6.these trees lose their leaves in autumn
9.the large flat areas of land without trees and where the soil below the surface is always frozen
12.a large African wild animal with yellow fur with black spots and can run extremely fast
13.uncultivated area of land with low bushes
14.between 60º and 90º latitudes north and south
17.a tree with a short thick trunk that grow in Africa and Australia and live for a very long time
19.a forest in a tropical or equatorial region where it rains a lot. They are important environmental areas
20.with a lot of trees and plants
22.it is a herb with small leaves used for adding flavour to food
23.a soft green or brown plant that grows in rounded cushions on wet ground, rocks or trees
25.forest that grows in wet cold ground in northern regions of the Earth
27.small soft plant that grows on surfaces like trees or walls
28.a large area of land covered by trees and other plants that grows close together
29.these trees produce cones and with needle-like leaves
2.economic growth model that takes into account the environment
5.planting new trees
7.this mammal lives in the trees and is famous because it is very lazy
8.this natural landscape has ice forever
10.cutting down of trees
15.A tropical animal with avery long nose and tongue that eats ants and other insects
18.grassy plain in tropical and subtropical regions with few trees, like acacias or baobabs
21.large area of open land where wild grass grows
24.seasonal wind in South and South-east Asia blowing between spring and summer, bringing a lot of rain with it
26.large, flat area of land without trees in south-east Europe and Asia
28.a plant with leaves like feathers and no flowers
30.a wild animal similar to a small dog with red-brown fur, a pointed face, and a thick tail

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