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Cell Growth and Reproduction

Science 9 Vocabulary Chapter 2 Review

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4.there are four different kinds of these: Adenine, Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine
7.molecule made up of a sugar, phosphate and a nitrogenous base
9.one version of a characteristic (ie blue eyes)
11.cells with thick cell walls similar to seeds but is produced by cell division
12.starfish use this to regrow a missing part
14.one of the two genetically identical cells produced when a parent cell divides
18.the process that divides the cytoplasm and the rest of the organelles during cell division
19.the instructions for making, running and repairing a cell
22.a chromosome and its copy
24.the stage of mitosis where the chromosome line up in the middle of the cell
25.the change in the DNA, or the genetic code of a cell
26.the process that divides the nuclear material during cell division
27.a type of asexual reproduction in which the offspring starts as a small growth on the parent
1.the phase of the cell cycle in which cells grow and work
2.a disease in which cells divide very rapidly and uncontrollably
3.spider plants and strawberries use this to reproduce asexually
4.an organelle in the nucleus that produces and assembles ribosomes
5.organelles active in cell division; only in animal cells
6.the third stage of mitosis
8.a segment of DNA: encodes for a specific protein
10.building blocks for proteins
13.the stage of mitosis where the nucleus and nucleolus reappear
15.the first stage of mitosis
16.a form of asexual reproduction used by single-celled organisms
17.an offspring of asexual reproduction
20.any substance that can cause cancer
21.the spread of cancer cells away from their original location
23.all of an organism's genes

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