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Tales of King Arthur

Nouriath Lawani

The puzzle is compose of definition knight and the different character of the book

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1.Sometimes they are people being trained to be what
2.Arthur's foster father
6.Island in the western seas where King Arthur goes at his death. A legendary Island, famous for its beautiful apples
7.Before Queen Igraine married King Uther she was married to who He also is the father of Arthur's half sister Morgause Elaine and Morgan le Fay (3 Words)
9.King Arthur's Magnificent Court.
11.Arthur's foster brother and steward
14.It is King Arthur’s legendary sword something thought to have magical power.
15.she is Arthur mother (2 Words)
16.The most important man in the church during King Arthur times
18.Last of the Knights of the Round Table
19.Greatest of the Knights of the Round Table; father of Sir Galahad
21.Guinevere, is the daughter of which king
22.While King Arthur pursues Lancelot to France after finding out about his affair with Guinevere, Arthur's nephew; plots to overthrow the king.
23.After accidentally pulling the sword Excalibur from the stone and becoming king, Arthur leads the Knights of England to victory against which group
24.Who designs the round table dedicated to King Uther and his 150 knights she is a great enchanter, a magician who help arthur come to the throne
1.Son of Uther, founder of the Knights of the Round Table (2 Words)
3.A wedding gift from Arthur's father-in-law; provided seats for 150 knights, Cup used at Last Supper; object of guests of Knights of the what? (2 Words)
4.Though King Arthur fails on his quest to find the Holy Grail, which of his Knights is successful
5.who is the Son King Pellinore
8.A beautiful Damsel who tells Arthur about his sword Excalibur (4 Words)
10.It is a monastery of convent
11.According to the legend, Arthur is the first born son of which King (2 Words)
12.Arthur wishes to marry
13.Nephew to King Arthur; son of Morgana; most courteous of Arthur's knights
17.The knight that is the strongest knight in the kingdom. he was at first an enemy of king arthur but later became one of his knight
20.Gawain's brother and Arthur's nephew; assumes disguise as Beaumains

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