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Southwest Asia Geography

1           2        
3                       4
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  30                   31              

1.Holy Jewish site in Jerusalem (2 Words)
3.Holy site for Muslims (4 Words)
6.Important natural resource
8.A tiered structure; part of a Sumerian temple
9.Historical crossroads between Europe & Asia
12.Coordinates oil production
13.First agreement between Israel & an Arab nation (3 Words)
17.Belief in many gods
19.Flows into the Dead Sea (2 Words)
22.Cradle of civilization
23.Religion that began in Mecca
25.Belief in one God
28.Created writing called cuneiform
29.Christian holy book
30.Includes areas of Jordan & Israel
31.Largest peninsula in the world
32.Founded by Cyrus the Great
2.Development of agriculture (2 Words)
3.Irrigation method that conserves water
4.Make up the largest stateless nation
5.Jewish holy text
7.Another name for the Fertile Crescent
10.Process of removing salt from sea water
11.Had a set of laws called the Code of Hammurabi
14.Built the first library
15.Islam has five of these
16.City in the UAE with stunning architecture
18.State created for Jews in 1948
20.Three major religions stake claim to this city
21.Believe in Jesus
24.Fundamentalist Muslim group
26.Mountain range in Afghanistan (2 Words)
27.Salty landlocked sea
28.Undergoing civil war

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