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Chapter 11 Vocab Words

Yuriko Hernandez, period 6

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  6                       7
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17       18 19   20   21    
    22 23                            
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27                   28                    
  30   31      
  32                       33     34      
37           38      

1.sophisticated writing system based on pictures
5.lake Aztec were driven to in 1325 (2 Words)
6.Aztec Capital now Mexico City
9.people who Toltec protected the Yucatan Peninsula from (2 Words)
11.river by the city of Machu Picchu (2 Words)
13.system of knotted strings used to keep records
20.first known civilization
23.cultivated beans, maze, and squash (2 Words)
24.have a burial mound over 98 feet tall
27.housed about a dozen families
28.first major city in Mesoamerica
32.Mexico and Central America
33.home of the Moche
36.established a extensive farming society
37.reached high point during 950-1150 AD
38.group of related family
2.where Maya flourished (2 Words)
3.lived in present day Guatemala
4.a long migration brought them to th valley of Mexico where they their capital Tenochititlan
7.known for their etched groves in the rocky soil of southern Peru
10.oldest city in the Americas
12.land bridge between Asia and North America (2 Words)
14.multistoried structure that housed many people
15.started off as a small comunity in the area of Cuzco
16.Mexico's gulf (3 Words)
17.a city located 11,000 feet in the mountains of southern Peru
18.people who came from Asia
19.built on a lofty hill top about 8,000 feet high (2 Words)
21.Anasazi national park (2 Words)
22.northeast of the Mississipean culture
25.Easter Woodland people who lived in the Ohio River Valley
26.lead the Incas on campaign of conquest
29.lived in the coastal regions of modern-day Peru and Ecuador
30.streched buffalo skin over wooden poles
31.good or money paid by conquared people to their conquarors
34.sun-dried brick
35.one of the most sophisticated civilizations in the americas

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