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Cardiovascular System 2014

Mrs. Smuczynski

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  30         31           32

4.The organ system that carries nutrients, gases, hormones and enzymes to body cells and wastes away from body cells
6.The pressure blood exerts when being PUSHED through the arteries
11.Abnormally high blood pressure; can lead to heart attacks, strokes & kidney dammage if not treated
13.The flow of blood between the heart and lungs
17.The lower two chambers of the heart
18.Major cause of heart disease caused by the hardening of the artery walls due to a build up of cholesterol & other lipids
19.Cardiac muscle that pumps blood around the body
20.Tiny, thin blood vessels that allow exchanges of nutrients, gases and wastes by way of diffusion between body cells and the blood
21.Flaplike structures between the atria & the ventricles and found in veins that close to prevent the blood from going backwards
23.These keep you healthy by fighting pathogens such as bacteria & viruses
25.Disk-shaped cells without a nucleus; carry oxygen to body cells
26.The sound of a beating heart caused by the closing of the heart's valves
28.Blood enters the heart in these chambers.
30.A oxygen-carrying protein
33.Blood vessels that carry oxygen rich blood away from the heart; under high pressure; made of thick walls with a layer of smooth muscle
34.The liquid/fluid part of blood; a mixture of water, minerals, nutrients, sugars, proteins & other substances along with wastes
1.The circulation of blood between the heart and the rest of the body
2.The upper two chambers of the heart
3.Tiny pieces of larger cells found in bone marrow that clump together to stop bleeding
5.The movement of materials across the capillaries and the body cells
7.The amount of blood an average human has is ________?
8.The circulation of blood between the heart and the rest of the body
9.When an artery supplying blood to the heart becomes blocked, oxygen cannot reach the heart muscle causing this problem
10.In pulmonary circulation, this blood picks up this gas, returning it to this state
12.The movement of water across the thin walls of the cells and capillaries
14.This kind of blood returns to the heart from the body cells in systemic circulation
15.Blood is pumped out of the heart by way of these chambers
16.Tubes in which blood travels throughout the body; capillaries, arteries & veins
22.When the brain senses the body temperature is getting too high it signals the blood vessels in the skin to widen
24.When the heart does this it creates a pressure that pushes blood through the body
27.Connective tissue that serves as a transport system, bringing nutrients, oxygen & chemical messages to cells and removing waste so cells can maintain homeostasis
29.Blood vessels that carry blood back to the heart; under less pressure
32.This can happen when a blood vessel to the brain becomes blocked or bursts cutting off the oxygen supply to part of the brain

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