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Grades 4-6 - Lokz

1 2        
4 5                
6   7                
8           9
  10           11  
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  15         16          

2.brown or white and can make bread with it
3.onions, potatoes, carrots are examples
5.usually brown color and very sweet and many people love to eat
7.the first meal of the day
8.breakfast, lunch and dinner are all examples of these
10.a drink that is made from a type of fruit
12.people enjoy these in the countryside or beach and take food with you
15.white and added to coffee or tea with a spoon
16.if you don't eat fro a long time, you feel like this
17.from cows and you can drink or have it in coffee or tea
1.for skating and can put it in a cold drink
2.made out of potatoes and is called chips in UK
4.an Italian food which is round and often has cheese and tomatoes on it
6.made from fruit and added to bread with butter
7.something you eat that is hard and sweet
9.cook something in water
11.a meal in the evening
12.an Italian food may be long, thin, short or fat that you can boil in water
13.mix different vegetables in a bowl and doesn't have to cook
14.eat this in between meals or when you aren't very hungry
15.white and it comes from the sea and added to food

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