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Show what you know about knowledge!


In the context of the university course EDUC305, this crossword puzzle aims to help students review and differentiate the various key terms used to describe different forms of knowledge.

2         3          
5                 6    

2.The knowledge that consists in performing a task, as opposed to recalling information is ___knowledge.
4.When understanding the connections between concepts, you are constructing _____knowledge.
5._____knowledge is used to remember events.
8.______ knowledge, implicit or explicit, allows you tomentally link abstract concepts.
9._____ knowledge is also known as strategic knowledge. It is part of the metacognition process.
10.Knowing something, but not being able to express it to someone else is _____knowledge.
1.____ knowledge is influenced by the religion under which we were raised, our family, our community, our friends and so on.
3.The information that can be put into words when mentally retrieved is ____knowledge.
6.The blending of content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and technical knowledge (abbreviation)
7.The cross between “what” to teach and “how” to teach it (abbreviation)

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