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Grade 12 Canadian and International Law

Mr. Garlick

Chapter 4: Law, Society, and Legal Reform

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2.A body of like-minded individuals who attempt to persuade legislators to vote a certain way or change a particular law (2 Words)
7.Tried to explain justice through a series of question-and-answer conversations with Socrates
8.The act of officially approving and passing a bill, treaty, collective agreement, or other legal agreement in a formal legal or political process
13.And to those who would ask why the word "persons" should include females, the obvious answer is, why should it not? (2 Words)
17.In his novella "Billy Budd, Sailor", American author ___________________ tells the story of a young sailor who strikes a superior officer after been severely provoked (2 Words)
19.The criminal offence of having several husbands and wives at the same time
20.A grant or right to exclude others from making, using, or selling one’s invention
21.The 16-year-old computer hacker known as __________
22.Belief in the existence of a superior being or higher power
1.A body of people who organize to protest what they perceive as a violation of rights (3 Words)
3.Laws that are enacted and adopted by government (2 Words)
4.a concept that pertains to character, conduct, and the general principles of right conduct.
5.An agreement that commits many industrialized nations to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions between 2008 and 2012 to a level 5.2 percent below 1990 levels (2 Words)
6.Fought for the right of Aboriginal women to retain their Indian status if they were married to non-aboriginal men (2 Words)
9.An observable law relating to things that occur in nature (2 Words)
10.Citizens of a country at war with the country in which they are residing or travelling (2 Words)
11.In Canadian courts some judges are throwing out cases because the accused has been held too long in custody while awaiting a? (2 Words)
12.Being married to only one person
14.Pertaining to a law, remove from the Criminal Code and no longer in effect (2 Words)
15.The criminal offense of wilfully and knowingly marrying a second person while still legally married to the first person
16.The law that governs the rights and obligations of family members toward one another relating to marriage, support, custody of children, separation, and divorce. (2 Words)
18.Non-spiritual or non-religious

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