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Anarchism crossword

Use your knowledge from the course so far to complete the following crossword

1       2                      
5       6                        
        7 8 9  

1.another name of the Baader-Meinhof Group
5.a socialistic government that briefly ruled Paris from 1871
11.rejection of the legitimacy of the state
1.thinks huge social inequalities are acceptable if a product of voluntary transactions
2.rejects state in favour of collective ownership of means of production
3.a position of opposing the power of the clergy
4.the absence of interference by other people
6.he said "property is theft"
7.anarchist views of human nature have been accused of being:
8.a free and reciprocal exchange of resources and services for joint benefit.
9.developed the concept of mutual aid
10.acting onone's own self-interest

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