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Mario puzzle

William Hanford

How much of Mario do you know? Solve this puzzle to see what you know of Nintendo's main mascot, Mario!

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  5                   6
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5.What is the name of the enemy in Super Mario that throws hammers?
7.What enemy in Super Mario rides a cloud and throws spinies?
9.What it the latest TV consol that Mario and other Nintendo games appear in?
11.What power up allows Mario throw fireballs?
13.What power up makes Mario grow bigger and stronger? (most common)
17.How many Super Mario games are there?
18.What is the hardest and last course name in every Mario Kart game?
20.Who does Mario often save? Princess _______
21.What Mario enemy is found in Super Mario bros, and an item in Mario Kart, explodes?
23.Who is Mario's main rival? Rhymes with Mario.
24.What cup in Mario Kart is Bowser's Castle usually in?
25.Who is Mario's best friend and who Mario rides on in some Super Mario games. First appears in Super Mario 3D World.
27.How many Mario Kart games are there? (currently)
29.Who is Mario's brother?
31.Who usually aids Mario with power ups in Super Mario games? Found in certain houses in world maps.
1.What power on the Wii U Super Mario game turns Mario into Flying Squirrel Mario? Super ______
2.How many Mario and Luigi games are there? (Recent one, Mario and Luigi Dream Team)
3.What was Mario's very first appearence in which game? Hint: Was in 1981.
4.What item is the most common that Mario collects and if he earns 100 he eanrs a 1UP?
6.What was Mario known as back them when he was developing?
8.Who is Luigi's worst enemy in Luigi's Mansion?
10.To what company is Mario the mascot and created him?
12.What power up turns Mario into Racoon Mario and allows him to fly or gently float?
14.What is the new power turns Mario into Cat Mario?
15.What consol does the game Mario Kart Double Dash!! belong to? Nintendo __________
16.What does Mario reach at the end of every Super Mario level?
19.What is the most common enemy found in the Super Mario series?
21.Who is Mario's worst enemy?
22.What is the name of the power up in Super Mario 3D Land that is similiar to Raccoon Mario? _______ Leaf.
26.In Mario Kart, what item is most common used to throw at players? Appear in red and green.
28.In Mario Kart Wii and 7, how many cups are there?
30.What is the latest handheld consol that Mario and other Nintendo games appear in? (three letters)

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