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Objects in The Solar System

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3.Our sun is a _____.
5.What planet is the farthest from the sun and is dark blue, with methane gases?
8.What is the largest planet, one of the gas giants, an outer planet, and has a great red spot?
10.This planet is a dwarf planet, the smallest, coldest, has a different orbit that other planets and has one moon?
12.What is the name of the gas in the outer layer of each planet?
14.What is the satellite that orbits our earth?
16.True or False: Every planet has the same exact orbit.
17.What planet has the hottest surface temperature and has an extreme atmosphere and temperatures?
1.What is the closest star to us?
2.What planet is the closest to the sun and has extreme hot and cold day and nights?
4.What is the name of the belt that lies between the inner planets and outer planets?
6.What planet is the third away from the sun and the only one in our solar system that sutains life?
7.How many planets are there in our solar system?
9.How many moons does Mars have?
11.What planet is light blue and has a sideways tilt with few rings?
13.What outer planet has a slight bulge and is most known for it's rings?
15.What planet is red and has polar ice caps and has many mountains and valleys?

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