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Key Term Crossword Puzzle


1 2               3
4     5          
6             7 8

2.The phase when the individual’s work culture first become an important influence on their socialization
4.Part of the unconscious mind and continuously seeks pleasure without considering consequences
5.Creator of psychoanalysis theory
6.Believes that at certain stages in an individual’s life there are tasks (milestones) that must be met in order to have a healthy development
10.According to developmental psychology, this is the stage when role confusion, and inability to choose vocation can result from a failure to achieve a sense of identity
12.Demography, criminology, gender studies, or social stratification are just a few areas of research covered by this field
1.Believed that our personality responds and develops because of external events and stimuli
2.pose important questions concerning the continuation of poverty, racism, violence, and social inequality around the world
3.believes the most important factor in determining the choices individuals make is moral thinking
7.The science of exploring the mental processes of a group or an individual
8.Desire is to be socially conscious of all decisions and actions that a person makes
9.Suggests that social rewards are powerful motivators, and that a child who is praised for academic success will develop the habit of doing well in school
11.The mediator between the Id and Superego.

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