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Mountain Building

Earth Science - Mr. Hobson

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1.type of mountain created far from plate boundaries when large sections of crust are tilted, uplifted, or dropped at faults
6.uplifted mountain range running through New York state
7.low density crust composed of granite
10.individual underwater volcanic mountains produced over hot spots
12.type of convergence that can form large, volcanic mountain ranges
13.type of force that squeezes the crust and cause intense deformation in the form of folding, faulting, and metamorphism
15.fault-block mountain range in Wyoming (2 Words)
18.type of convergence that can form an island arc complex
19.percentage of Earth's surface covered with water
20.high density crust composed of basalt
21.type of mountains created far from plate boundaries when large regions of Earth have been slowly forced upward as a unit
22.a large, high, relatively flat-topped area
2.mountain range running from Alabama to Maine created by a series of convergent processes
3.type of convergence that created the tallest mountain on Earth
4.slow process of the crust's rising as a result of the removal of overlying material (2 Words)
5.ancient landmass made up of all the continents that began to break apart 200 mya
8.variations in elevations of Earth's crust
9.condition of equilibrium when the downward force of gravity on the mass of the crust is balanced by the upward force of buoyancy that results from displacement of the mantle by the crust
11.tallest mountain on Earth (2 Words)
14.removal and transport of weathered material from one location to another
16.thickened areas of continental material that extend into the mantle below Earth's mountain ranges
17.any process that forms mountain ranges

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