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Naval Terms

PO1 Peach

1 2 3
4               5      
6   7         8                
9 10                   11
12                         13              
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    17           18 19
22                         23  
27                   28      

4.The lowering of the flag at each cadet night
5.Left side of the ship
6.The thing we do at the beginning of cadets
8.The beginning of classes or end of stand easy
10.A wall
12.Person who stands next to Chief(CPO1 Pierce) and rings the bell
13.The senior petty officer on a ship/most senior cadet position. HINT: (CPO1 Pierce)
14.Order understood and will obey, appropriate response to an officer
17.Entrance/exit of a ship where personnel MUST salute as they come aboard or go ashore
21.Ship's kitchen
22.Administration office
24.To make fast a rope or to cancel an order
25.Quiet down
26.A break
27.The ceiling of a ship
28.A floor
29.Any recognized entrance, passageway or traffic route within a ship
1.Close up/ put away
2.A storeroom for cleaning gear
3.The complement of a ship
5.Sound produced from a boatswain's call
7.When all personnel are dismissed for the day and may go ashore
9.A division that is selected on a rotational basis that is responsible for corps preparation and clean up
11.Front of the boat
15.Lost and found
18.Right side of the ship
19.A hot chocolate drink
20.A log book that keeps track of the ship's routine
23.The toilets

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