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Extreme Adjectives!

Ina Arraoui - Kaplan

Read the clues across and down and fill in the squares with letters to create an extreme adjective.

2               3 4
7       8      
13           14            

2.There are many artifacts in the museum that are very valuable and unique.
6.Queenstown is very cold in the winter so remember to bring a jacket.
7.After my road trip to Cape Reinga my car was very dirty.
10.I was very tired after running the marathon around Mission Bay.
12.Bunjee Jumping is really scary! I'll never do it!
13.The trains in Tokyo during rush hour are very crowded
14.I was very angry when I saw someone had damaged my car.
1.We keep our classroom very clean.
3.You must climb Mt Eden - the view is very beautiful.
4.I bought some shoes from the recycle boutique that had never been worn.
5.I saw a really bad movie last week. I walked out half way through!
8.The worlds largest casino is in Las Vegas
9.I was very pleased when my host family invited me to their bach for the weekend.
11.Last weekend was very hot so I went swimming at Piha.

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