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PHR Module 4 - Benefits & Compensation

Jennifer Bates

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7.Pay earned by employees who work in an environment that is considered more risky from a safety or health point of view
11.Inital amount of covered medical expenses an indiviudual must pay before receiving benefits
13.Tax sheltered savings account similar to an IRA to pay for medical expenses
15.Account providing tax-free income growth; contributions are made with after-tax dollars
16.Social Security Administration program that provides medical care for people after age 65
18.Basic Compensation an employee receives usually as wage or salary
19.Tax-sheltered savings account similar to an IRA but created primarily to pay for medical expenses
20.Describes a stock option when the stock’s current market value is less than the option’s exercise price
22.Amount of employer-provided group-term life insurance over $50,000
25.Employees who are excluded from FLSA minimum wage and overtime pay requirements
27.Replaces a portion of employee’s lost income after short-term disability coverage ends
29.Payroll deductions selected by the employee such as charitable contributions
30.Specified period of time during which employees who are ill or have nonwork-related injuries receive their full salary
31.Act that provides employees with up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for family members or because of a serious health condition of the employee
32.16 of 196 Situation where an individual’s performance is the basis for the amount and timing of pay increases; also called performance-based pay.
33.Social Security Administration program that provides retirement, disability, death, and survivor’s benefits
35.Total earnings before taxes
37.Combining several salary grades or job classifications with narrow pay ranges into one band with a wider salary spread
38.System that shows preference to employees with the longest service
39.Payment made to salespeople, usually calculated as a percentage of sales
1.Form of base pay that is dependent on the number of hours worked
2.Special privileges for executives that are usually noncash items
3.Organizations with operations in multiple countries
4.Extra pay for working holidays or vacation days
5.Identified time period and ending point in incentive pay plans
6.8 of 196 System of overlapping short- and long-term incentives to make it less likely that key employees will leave an organization.
8.Individual, usually a primary-care physician, who is given control of patient access to specialists and services in a managed care organization
9.Pay rate divided by the midpoint of the pay range
10.Health plan that covers specific expenses not covered by Medicare
12.Involves traveling to hospitals and health-care providers that are outside an employer’s local area or network; also called medical travel.
14.Type of Section 125 plan that allows employees to use pretax dollars to pay for out-of-pocket health and dependent-care expenses
17.Specified percentage of covered medical expenses that employees paysfor visits to doctors or to purchase prescriptions
21.Workers who are covered by Fair Labor Standards Act regulations as determined by the IRS
23.Systematic determination of the relative worth of jobs within an organization
24.Middle point above and below which 50% of scores in a set of data lie
26.10 of 196 Any fixed, recurring period of 168 consecutive hours (7 days times 24 hours = 168 hours).
28.Amount advanced on future commissions
34.Process by which a retirement benefit becomes nonforfeitable
36.Uniform amount of money paid to a worker regardless of how many hours are worked

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