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Electricity Unit

Nadia Imoro, Jamie Da

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1.neutrally charged particle/atom
3.the force resisting the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers and materail elements sliding against each other
5.this determines whether its a positive, negative, or neutral
7.to cause to draw near or adhere by physical force
8.Ben Franklin flew this during a lightning storm
12.the act or process of moving objects from one place or postion to another
13.a sudden effect or event that makes a dramatic impact, esp. a sudden burst of energy or sound
15.substances whose atoms contain and unequal number of protons and electrons
17.the rule is based on the fact that the valence shells of transition metals consist of nine valence orbitals, which collectively can accommodate 18 electrons as either bonding or nonbonding electron pairs
18.a material or device that prevents or reduces the passage of heat, electricity, or sound
19.positively charged particle/atom
21.having an opposite polarity to the charge of an electron and the same polarity as the charge of a proton
22.negatively charged particle/atom
23.having an opposite polarity to the charge of an proton and the same polarity as the charge of a negative
2.Ben Franklin flew a kite in a lightning storm with a key attached to it which allowed him to verify that there is electricity in lightning
4.this uses conduction, friction, and insulation to perform the task
6.take something away
7.to unite or join so as to increase the number, quantity, size, or importance
9.opposites attract, charges that are opposite attract, like charges
10.a form of demonstration in which people link their arms as a show of political solidarity
11.an object or type of material that permits the flow of electrical charges in one or more directions
14.he studied electricty and his kite experiment proved that there is electricity in lightning
16.drive or force back or away
20.emit a small fiery particle thrown off of fire or electricity

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