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Labour Relations

Melissa Nolan

Chapter 1 & 2 (Venter et al)

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1.Strike occured in 1946 in response to power of black workers during World War II
4.Legislation used by Agricultural employers to govern employment relationship
6.Youths protested against Afrikaans medium instruction in schools
7.Shifting balance of power employment approach
9.Most violent strike in 1922
12.An association of employees regulating employment conditions
13.Key turning point in SA labour relations; recommendations for new SA
14.Policy of seperate development across racial lines
16.All encompassing term to describe the dynamic complexities of the employment relationship
18.Economic Development committee established to ensure legitimacy and transparency in decision-making process
19.Legislation signed enforcing fundamental human rights to all
2.Government's response to attain a democratic SA
3.Committee established to invite major parties to negotiate a peaceful transition to first democratic election
5.Processes used as part of Apartheid regime
8.Agreement reached to maintain ratio of black and white jobs held
10.Coercive control over a native population
11.Process of more equitable distribution of resources
12.Three parties to the employment relationship
15.Exploitation and revolution employment approach
17.Authoritarian employment approach

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